“The term fine art photography is used to refer to work created with such a desire in mind to articulate an impression, a feeling about or a relationship with the world.”

A self taught photographer LETKO Lubomir was born in 1982 in Slovakia and he now lives in France. He have had a passion for photography for many years now. Primarily working in Black & White he specialises in a technique called ‘Daytime Long Exposure’ using Neutral Density (ND) filters attached to the lens. ND filters cut out the amount of light coming into the lens allowing the shutter to be left open for much longer than normal, capturing movement with an ethereal aesthetic. The pale tonality and the strategic angle and distance of each shot make these landscapes an aesthetic playground of geometrical beauty. The monochrome landscapes adding a whole new level of meaning to each photo. These black and white images share a beautiful quietness that makes them alluring for audience.

44730 St-Michel-Chef-Chef FRANCE


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